Tweet, Tweet, Twitter

Twitter! Oh how I adore you, but how do I use you professionally? This is something I immediately thought about when I heard about using Twitter for this class. I have had a personal Twitter account for probably about 10 years, but to use it as a professional is a bit different. Of course I know the basics of Twitter and tweeting, the how to’s and the do’s and don’ts, BUT I have never been exposed to the educational side of Twitter. I made my professional Twitter account, and have linked it as a widget to my blog (which I am pretty proud that I figured that out). Immediately I was amazed by how much Twitter has to offer for teachers, students, and everyone else interested in the education world. One of my first experiences with my ‘teacher Twitter’ was the Saskedchat, which I found SO resourceful. It was seriously so much fun! This was such an interactive way to connect with others, especially with Covid-19 situations currently, it was nice to feel a connection and have conversations with others. While I was online for Saskedchat I was also using Tweetdeck which was something that was new to me. I had never heard of this, but it’s a great tool. It was very easy to use and to add different menus, plus it helped me keep everything organized. That short hour on Twitter encouraged me to be more active on this format, and opened my eyes to the entire idea. Twitter is a great place to connect, share resources, and cumulatively create.

I am definitely not an expert on Twitter and am excited to learn more about it, as well as connect with more people on this format. One thing I am looking to explore more about it the usage of hashtags and how beneficial they can be when added to your tweet or when searching things on Twitter. Follow along!

Hello, it’s me

Hi everyone! My name is Erin, and I am currently going into my fourth year of university after taking the past year off – I’m specifically in the middle years program. I am a very outgoing person who loves to connect with others, people and animals included! I have a passion for education and can’t wait to begin my career. I don’t consider myself very technologically advanced but I am always willing to learn. I find it challenging and honestly sometimes frustrating, although I find it an extremely good skill to have which is part of the reason why I am taking this class. I want to build my skill set and be confident in providing educational technology for my future students. I have had a blog since my first year of university although I have never loved it in all honesty. Technology is definitely our future and very important. I am excited for this journey and can’t wait to see how much my knowledge grows! Stay tuned for my experience via this blog as well as my twitter account!

Here’s a picture of myself and my best friend (aka my dog)!